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Editing this Doc


You’re going to need:

Getting Set Up

  1. Clone this repo using the link above.
  2. cd PaymentServicesAPIv1
  3. Initialize and start Slate. You can either do this locally, or with Vagrant:
# either run this to run locally
bundle install
bundle exec middleman server

# OR run this to run with vagrant
vagrant up

You can now see the docs at http://localhost:4567. Whoa! That was fast!

Now that Slate is all set up on your machine, you’ll probably want to learn more about editing Slate markdown, or how to publish your docs.

If you’d prefer to use Docker, instructions are available in the wiki.

Need Help? Found a bug?

Submit an issue to the MoneytechGroup Github if you need any help. And, of course, feel free to submit pull requests with bug fixes or changes.


Slate was built by Robert Lord while interning at TripIt.

Thanks to the following people who have submitted major pull requests:

Also, thanks to Sauce Labs for helping sponsor the project.

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